Pusaka Juta Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (PJH) is a 100% Bumiputra with offices in Sabah & Kuala Lumpur. PJH is registered with CIDB G7,& SPKK G7.

The main objectives of PJH are as follows:

—To secure wider Bumiputera participation in the field of development &  construction of MEGA projects in ASEAN countries.

—To provide the clients with High Standard and Quality Services from highly trained and experienced management teams as well as international expertise in all fields & project funding.

—To be one of the best performance company in construction & development of any MEGA projects including  PFI & PPP concept.

—PJH is supported by few overseas companies from China, Korea, Middle East etc eg:


  1. CCCC Third Harbor Consultants Co., Ltd (CCCC)
  2. Shanghai Construction Group Co., Ltd (SCG)
  3. China United Engineering Corporation (CUC)
  4. Shanghai Civil Engineering Group Co., Ltd Of CREC (CREC Shanghai)
  5. Zhongding International Construction Group Co., Ltd (ZICG)
  6. Hubei Dijian Construction Co., Ltd (HBDJ)
  7. China Railway Construction Corporation Ltd (CRCC)
  8. Hyundai Engineering Co., Ltd (HYUNDAI)

PJH also supported by few local CIDB G7 companies eg:

  1. CREC Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Our China JV in M’sia)
  2. CREC Shanghai Engineering Sdn Bhd (Our China JV in M’sia)
  3. Pusaka Juta Sdn Bhd (Our Subsidiaries)
  4. EWP Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Our Subsidiaries)
  5. Trillion Facilities Sdn Bhd (Our Subsidiaries)
  6. Orgu Engineering Sdn Bhd (Our Subsidiaries)
  7. eCircle Solution Sdn Bhd (Our Subsidiaries)
  8. East West Power Sdn Bhd (Our Subsidiaries)
  9. YBS Infrastructure Sdn Bhd (Our Subsidiaries)
  10. Norlan Holdings Sdn Bhd (Our Parent Company)